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Candice Wiggins Bullied For Being Straight?


One outdated WNBA participant that is notable states that tradition thus makes it hard for gamers that are right to flourish. In a fresh meeting with all the San Diego Union-Tribune, Wiggins claims that she’d have performed 2 more years or even for the “poisonous” surroundings that influenced her as a right girl and that 98% of the WNBA is homosexual:

“The encounter didn’t add it self to my psychological state, although I needed to perform 2 more months of WNBA Wiggins stated. It turned out to be a dismal condition in the WNBA. It’s not observed. Our worth is reduced. It could be very difficult. I didn’t enjoy the tradition in the WNBA, and without disclosing too much, it had been hazardous for me personally. … My character had been broken.”
Wiggins, a four-time All American at Stanford, claims she was targeted for nuisance from a nationwide well-known number, of whom several additional gamers were envious and the period many picked on her because she’s heterosexual.

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