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Tarek El Moussa Instagram: Update After Nanny Scandal Rumor

Later on, the couple released a statement to People Magazine. The statement confirmed the rumors that they were planning to part ways. The statement elaborated further by indicating that in spite of everything, the couple had every intention of remaining dedicated to their children. The couple indicated in their statement that while the decision was a difficult one, particularly in terms of what separation can mean to children, they both felt that they were making the best possible call for themselves, as well as the best possible call for their children. The statement made no reference to the possibility of reconciliation. The statement also avoided going into further details, in terms of how the lives of the children would be managed going forward.

For the time being, it certainly seems as though the couple is committed to doing right by their children. It certainly seems as though all of the decisions the couple is making is being done to ensure the interests of their children are secured and managed at all possible times.

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